FCCLA - Family, Career, Community Leaders of America


Building Skills for Life

FCCLA - Family, Career, Community Leaders of America, founded in 1945, is a dynamic and effective national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and address important personal, family, work, and societal issues through family and consumer science education. In the 2015-2016 school year, Georgia FCCLA boasted over 18,000 members in 300 chapters.

Chapter projects focus on a variety of youth concerns including teen pregnancy, parenting, family relationships, substance abuse, peer pressure, environment, nutrition and fitness, inter-generational communication and career education.

Involvement in FCCLA offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life - planning, goal setting, problem solving,

Our Motto:

Toward New Horizons


The colors are red and white. Red symbolizes strength, courage, and determination; personal qualities leading to happiness through a positive self-image. White symbolizes sincerity of purpose and integrity of action; qualities that help individuals build a better tomorrow.


As the millennium turns, so does the version of the FCCLA logo.   This futuristic logo may not hold the traditions of the past logo, but it shows that FCCLA is a dynamic, active organization bound for the future. The dominate collegiate lettering articulates a focus on education and student leadership.  The logo is red, the color of the rose as a sign of strength.  The swooping arrow arch is a common motif in today's designs and definitely embodies an active organization that moves toward new arenas.  With it's space-like feel, this logo is sure to last through the next fifty years, but will always be linked to the time when FHA at the turn of the century changed to FCCLA.

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The red rose represents the organization because it gives joy through its beauty and fragrance. It symbolizes a desire for beauty in everyday living.

Our Mission:

To promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through:

  • character development,
  • creative and critical thinking;
  • interpersonal communication;
  • practical knowledge; and
  • career preparation.

Our Purposes:

  • To provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life.
  • To strengthen the function of the family as the basic unit of society.
  • To encourage democracy through cooperative action in the home and community.
  • To encourage individual and group involvement in helping achieve global cooperation and harmony.
  • To promote greater understanding between youth and adults.
  • To provide opportunities for making decision and for assuming responsibilities.
  • To provide for the multiple roles of men and women in today's society.
  • To promote family and consumer sciences, family and consumer sciences careers and related occupations.


We are the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.
We face the future with warm courage
And high hope.

For we have the clear consciousness of seeking
Old and precious values,
For we are the builders of homes,
Homes for America's future,
Homes where living will be the expression of everything
That is good and fair,
Homes where truth and love and security and faith
Will be realities, not dreams.

We are the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.

We face the future with warm courage
And high hope.



Publications available to Georgia FCCLA  members are Teen Times, the official national magazine, and Georgia News, the official newspaper for Georgia FCCLA members.


Georgia FCCLA Bylaws : Revised March, 2017


Georgia FCCLA has over 18,000 members in 299 chapters, as of May 31, 2016.

Strategic Goals

Georgia Family, Career and Community Leaders of America recognizes opportunities to grow and maintain its elite status as one of the largest FCCLA associations in the United States. Five goals are listed HERE for continuous evaluation through 2021.

Opportunities in FCCLA

You are a unique person! Each person needs different opportunities to help him/her to discover their potential.   A variety of programs or projects are available though FCCLA.  

  • Power of One
  • Step One
  • STAR Events - (Students Taking Action for Recognition)
  • Honor Roll
  • FACTS - (Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety)
  • Financial Fitness
  • Student Body
  • Scholarships
  • Families First
  • Community Service
  • Japanese Exchange Program
  • Career Connection
  • Cluster Meeting
  • National Leadership Conference

Benefits of FCCLA


FCCLA helps students:

  • develop a personal leadership style
  • have fun through shared group experiences
  • understand themselves and their relationships with others
  • develop a wider circle of friends
  • prepare for community living as a responsible citizen
  • experience the satisfaction of helping others
  • develop employability skills
  • identify concerns, make decisions, and carry out activities
  • improve home and family ties
  • explore the changing roles of men and women
  • gain recognition for accomplishments
  • work cooperatively with teachers in an informal atmosphere

FCCLA helps schools:

  • motivate and improve students' attitudes toward school and learning
  • gain community support for program
  • integrate life skills into Family and Consumer Science classes, making school and life relevant to one another
  • support school activities
  • carry out the schools' purpose of preparing employable citizens