Collins Hill High School CHHS Participates in "We Dine Together" Initiative

March 19, 2018

In an effort to make more meaningful connections, branch out, increase communication and build relationships, our chapter, along with other student led organizations, participated in a "We Dine Together" initiative on March 14th. This date choice was purposeful, as it aligned with the "We Walk Up" efforts organized in response to the student walk outs scheduled to honor the victims of the Parkland, Florida tragedy. Our efforts were not in lieu of others, just a mash up, of sorts, to encourage students' voices could be heard, and action taken, in more than one form. FCCLA members were encouraged to wear their chapter t-shirts and strike up a conversation with someone to whom they do not normally speak during lunch. Then, if applicable, as we did not want it to seem forced, they were to post a pic of themselves and their new acquaintance and/or post feedback about the experience to social media. Students reported that it was well-received and beneficial, and that it seemed to happen more naturally than they had anticipated. We are going to aim to encourage these efforts to reach out whenever the opportunities arise, but also establish designated "We Dine Together" dates.