Cross Creek High School CCHS Attends Fall Leadership Conference

October 15, 2018

My students had so much fun attending my first Fall Leadership Conference in Covington, GA. As a new advisor to FCS, I wasn't confident that students wanted to attend this conference, but I'm glad they didn't miss out. The bootcamp activities were engaging and brought strangers closer and students left as friends They enjoyed the food at every meal especially the chicken strips. They were intrigued to learned about how to become a state officers and being professional. In one section, students were hands on in determining the proper attire to wear which a competition. My students entered a t-shirt design but didn't place the top 5 but we will try harder next year. Even though my officers didn't get to get in the pool due to the weather, they still had tons of fun. I will encourage even more students to come next year to 2019 fall leadership.