Gainesville High School Leaders in the Making at Gainesville High School

February 18, 2019

This is our FCCLA President, Molly McLeod. Molly came into FCCLA as an Early Childhood Education pathway student. Even though she was taking this pathway, she was looking to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering. Molly was solely focused on her physics and calculus classes. However Mrs. Jackson, our FCCLA advisor and Early Childhood Education teacher, was able to get her to put her books away to experience something else. During their ECE three class, which is practicum based, Mrs. Jackson gave Molly the opportunity to intern at a local elementary school in a first grade classroom. This time spent with these students caused Molly to open her eyes and see her true passion. Molly then changed her career path and professional goals she thought she wanted to accomplish. WIth this new mindset, Molly decided to apply to Brenau University. She has been accepted and will receive both an academic and athletic scholarship beginning this fall. As she is finishing her last semester, Molly is sharing her story to other Gainesville High School FCCLA members and looking for next year’s leader in the making.