Irwin County High School Safe Driver Program

October 24, 2018
Irwin County High FCCLA sponsored the Safe Drivers Project and recieved a grant from the Governor's Highway Safety Office to introduce and present The Life Changing Experiences Community as they shared their Smart Driver presentation. 
Students learned how important it is to be drug free, to wear a seat belt, and never to drive distracted. During the survey portion of the program, results revealed that there were increases in the number of student who realized how hazardous it is for people to use prescription drugs for fun, the importanance of wearing a seat belt, and also how dangerous and risky it is to text and drive.
The Life Changing Experience Community Education project offered a new safedriving program called Smart Driver. Smart Driver is the second program in the safe driving series and it also deals with opioid abuse. This program was fully funded by the Governor Highway Safety Office for the first 100 schools.