Lowndes High School Lowndes High School has their first chapter meeting

October 22, 2018

Lowndes High School FCCLA convened their first chapter meeting to install their new officers; President: Luz Benitez, Vice President of Hospitality: Haley Antwine, Vice President of Honor Roll: Kathya Hernandez, Vice President of STAR Events: Evelyn Montgomery, Vice President of Membership: Destiny Porter, and Vice President of Public Relations: Tess Akuoko. Markers were dispensed with specific colors for demarcated groups to embolden new members to meet people they had never interacted with before. In front of an animated room of sixty-three members, the officers recited the purposes of FCCLA in the formal candlelight ceremony; promising to perform their duties with integrity and grace. The following refreshments were served: fruit kebabs, punch, and an impeccably decorated vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, inscribed with the flower of FCCLA—a red rose, signifying the beauty in everyday living.