North Oconee High School I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for FCCLA

October 22, 2018

On September 27, North Oconee High School FCCLA joined their feeder school Malcom Bridge Middle in a mixer event to promote FCCLA. Nine North Oconee students accompanied over twenty middle school FCCLA students to encourage the continuation of FCCLA and FACS in high school. The students enjoyed mingling over ice cream and other snacks while waiting for the meeting to officially start. To start the meeting off, the high schoolers introduced themselves by stating their name, their position in the chapter (member/officer), and their grade level. The high schoolers then answered questions from the students and advisor such as “What is your favorite part of FCCLA?” After questions were answered, the high school students got to lead the middle schoolers in some fun FCCLA cheers. After the cheers, the students bonded some more by playing “Heads-Up Seven-Up” until it was time to go. The high schoolers loved being able to go meet some of the students that would be coming up into North Oconee next year, and the middle school students loved to see what FCCLA would be like in the coming years!


Submitted by: Katy Atkins