North Oconee High School NOHS Membership Recruitment is a Wrap

August 28, 2018

North Oconee FCCLA has wrapped up with Membership Recruitment Week! As a result of the many exciting activities, North Oconee FCCLA has gained over 15 new members within two weeks. In July, the officers got together to plan the upcoming year with a special focus on Membership Recruitment Week, where they planned for the activities to start on the second full week of school. On Monday, NOHS FCCLA had an FCCLA Cookie Giveaway in the schools common area for all 1300+ students. The NOHS FCCLA officers made various homemade cookies that were individually wrapped for students. On Tuesday, they did a candy question activity, where the officers set up a booth in the Cafeteria during all four lunch periods, and students could come up and either answer or ask a question in order to get a piece of candy from assorted options. Wednesday was the Rose Scavenger Hunt. They purchased an assortment of fake roses, then added a tag saying “Congrats! You found an FCCLA red rose! Take to room 2126 for a Prize.” The roses were hidden around the school after classes were dismissed on Tuesday afternoon. All Roses were discovered and brought back to Ms. MItchell’s room. Come Thursday, it was the first social and the first meeting of the year. Stations were set up in Ms. Mitchell’s room for ice cream and toppings. The meeting brought nearly 40 members for ice cream and upcoming events. All the members and officers are very excited about what is in store this upcoming year!