Northside Middle School Bo’s Camp Memorial Blankets

January 31, 2018
Bo’s Camp Memorial Blankets
Northside Middle School FCCLA chapter has been busy making a difference in central Georgia. The chapter service project lead by Makayla Floyd and Trystan Napier this year is to partner with The Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health located in Macon, Georgia. Every year The Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health sponsors and implements Bo’s Camp. The camp is free for all attendees and focuses on grief counseling. It is located at the Hephzibah Children’s Home located at 6601 Zebulon Road Macon, Georgia. The founders of the camp recognized a great need for the entire family after losing a child. There was not only a need for the parents, but also for the siblings left behind. There were similar camps available in central Georgia, but not one to serve the entire family. Bo’s Camp wants to help survivors deal with their incredibly painful grief journey. 
Northside Middle School FCCLA chapter made 50 gender specific Memorial Blankets. Each blanket was double sided and included a memorial heart pocket. The heart pocket contained a memorial poem and a place for the family to add a photo of their lost family member. 
Northside Middle School FCCLA members set a budget for the memorial blanket supplies. They completed a fundraiser to raise money required to purchase all of the supplies needed for the construction of the memorial blankets. Members shopped for the fabric. They learned to cut out a blanket pattern. They learned to sew by hand and to sew by sewing machine. Two members wrote the inspiration heart-felt poem that was added inside the heart pocket. Every member learned many life skills during this project. Delivery of the blankets took place on 9-18-17. Bo’s Camp took place this year on 9-22-17 through 9-24-17. 
Even though the members of our chapter did not have direct contact with these 50 families that suffered the greatest lost, we feel we made a difference. We hope that the memorial blanket will become a treasured item and bring just a moment of peace to the families. Northside Middle School FCCLA continues to search for other ways to make a difference in our community.
Respectfully submitted,
Makayla Floyd
Northside Middle School FCCLA Chapter Assistant