Northside Middle School Northside Middle School FCCLA Focused on Finance

November 05, 2018

Northside Middle School FCCLA got the grand opportunity to visit the Federal Reserve Bank located in Atlanta, Georgia. We worked in pairs and completed a scavenger hunt through the museum. We had a great tour guide that helped us understand “how” & “what” the Federal Reserve Bank actually does. It was amazing how much a real gold bar actually weighs. Every chapter member received a bag of shredded money as a keepsake free of charge.
Then we headed to the CNN Center food court for lunch. There is always a chance to see a famous CNN news person. However, we had zero luck in catching a glimpse that day. 
The final section of our trip was awesome. We headed to IKEA – design store. It is a mega store to say the least. Our members were paired in groups of 3 and 4 students. We were assigned a room with requirements & a budget. Each group had a chaperone & about 1 hour to design our room. We had to log down all of requirements with prices, quantity, & take a picture of each item. We also made a “wish list” for our specific room of things we wanted, but didn’t have money for at this time. We learned that using our team work skills helps move a project forward. We also learned that designing a home is not an easy task! Great trip, great day, FACS/FCCLA curriculum active hands on learning at its BEST!