Rutland High School Bibb County FCCLA Where Family Comes First

October 29, 2018

To get everyone in the Bibb County School District excited about FCCLA, chapter advisors and students discussed that we should kick off the year with county wide t-shirts. The shirts are based off of the national theme “Believe in Yourself” or “Be You.” The saying “Bibb County Schools, where family comes first” was created by sophomore, Rilea Wade, from Rutland High School. This message is so important because we want to focus on strengthening FCCLA and our FACS programs!
The goal of these County wide FCCLA t-shirts is to make all of the FCCLA chapters in Bibb County feel connected to each other. We often ride to FCCLA events together but conversation is very little among us. This creates a problem because we end up as roommates at overnight events. We are working super hard to come together as a county, and have future plans do things together and really become what FCCLA is known for, family!
Schools that participated in the county wide shirt is, Rutland High School, South West High School, Westside High School, and Rutland Middle School! We are so excited to make Bibb County’s FCCLA a true family!