Rutland High School Rush Week

October 22, 2017

Rutland High School started off our 2017 school year, with the goal of exceeding last year’s limits. Finishing up last year with 81 members we wanted to increase membership and participation for our FCCLA chapter this year. Officers met and decided that the best way to reach new members was to host our very own Rush Week. 

The plan for Rush Week was to have students participate and feel like a member from the start.  Our plan was a success! 54 members to paid their dues before our first meeting of FCCLA.

Rush Week included a week of treats and advertisements for FCCLA, we had a great time painting faces, giving out candy, and ending with a party for all members, paid or not, to encourage fundraisers and actively participating. Overall by reaching last year’s member count by our second month of school, we are greatly optimistic by this year’s turnout.