Toombs County High School TCHS Completes FACTS Project

November 09, 2017
By: Gracie Alvarado
2017 has been an exhilarating year for Toombs County High School's FCCLA. Among many activities we had conducted this school year, there are a couple that expose themselves over others. One of our major activities for FCCLA National Program FACTS was our Ghost Out hosted during the school day, and our culminating activity, the Crash Reenactment, at the end of the day. These activities included the whole student body's participation as we began the day at 8:00 am with the Ghost Out announcement. The announcement read, "Students, today we will be observing a very disturbing statistic 'Every 20 minutes a teen dies from a car crash in America.' The Grim Reaper will be walking the halls. He will go to your class and stand by your desk. This means that you have died! Do not touch to the Grim Reaper, do not talk to the Grim Reaper, do not bother with the Grim Reaper!" Every 20 minutes starting at 8:20am the Grim Reaper would get a student bring them to Mrs. Standard's office and we would paint their face white with a tear drop. Then we would put a sign on their back indicating a statistic of why they died. For example, ' did you know that 85% of teens in high school report drinking and driving in the past month, most teens involved in a fatal crash usually don't make it out alive. In the afternoon we did the crash reenactment with the following agencies: Safe Kids Worldwide, Lyons Police Department, Georgia State Patrol, Air Evac life-flighted the injured victim to the hospital, Fire department with jaws of life, EMS, Ronald V. Hall Funeral Home hearse took dead the victim (Sandi) away. The crash reenactment demonstrated to the students as an example to how they could be in an accident and given a real life situations that involved their peers. The reenactment started as an explanation of the accident along with detail of what had happened within every tenth of a second, followed by a presentation of how the accident is handled by the fellow partners. The crash was presented as a real life situation with all agencies and partners doing their part as they would if the accident was real. To strengthen the impact as the hearse drove away with Sandi's "dead" body in the back, her voice played over the PA System and she read the poem "The Day I Died" which gave the message of the reenactment.