Coffee High School Know Your Worth

January 28, 2020

Last school season was a really hard one for Coffee County. We lost several students to suicide. Several students attempted suicide. The “Know Your Worth” program was started last year and has continued this year. Suicide is the second and third leading cause of death for students ages 10-24. We started this year promoting the “Know Your Worth” theme by using September as Suicide Awareness month. Our cheerleaders, who some are FCCLA members, helped with this by creating a run through sign for a Friday night ball game to promote our message. September 13, was also a day in our county when the shirts, “Know Your Worth” were worn to promote each person’s worth. Along with our student body, FCCLA students and other clubs are encouraging students to talk with adults or a caring person they can trust if they feel they are becoming overwhelmed with social media, peer pressure or academics.