Houston County High School Helping Hands for Happy Homes

March 01, 2019

Within Houston County, there is a growing number of families living in poverty that struggle to provide their families with basic daily needs. Oftentimes, poverty and low-income leads families to facing further issues such as depression, substance abuse, and self-harm. Houston County High School FCCLA members identified this as a concern to be addressed, leading FCCLA members to the First United Methodist Church of Warner Robins Soup Kitchen where students were able to connect with local families and encourage them through the power of a meal. In addition to providing and serving meals for needy families by volunteering at the Soup Kitchen, FCCLA members also donated clothes to families in need so that they were provided with appropriate clothing essentials for the winter holidays. FCCLA also donated several pantry items to the First UMC Soup Kitchen to help the Soup Kitchen in furthering their efforts to provide for families in need, one meal at a time. The helping hands of FCCLA members are helping to build happier homes for Houston County families by helping to alleviate the stresses associated with providing when faced with poverty.