Madison County High School Trick or Treat? No! Trunk or Treat!

January 29, 2020

On October 30th, Madison County High School participated in Trunk or Treat for all the local children in the area. It was held in the gym on account of the weather, but many children came and participated.
MCHS FCCLA’s booth was a major success. The booth was a space-themed game that involved throwing a ball at alien heads in exchange for candy. The booth was so popular, that eventually, a line started to form. Some MCHS teachers brought their own children to enjoy Trunk or Treat.
Many other groups also set up booths for the Trunk or Treat. They included MCHS Red Raider Theater, FFA, Anchor Club, and even the Danielsville and Colbert Elementary Schools. Many people enjoyed the festivities and had lots of fun. One of the booths that stood out the most was the MCHS Red Raider Theater booth. They were promoting their upcoming performance of “Elf Jr.”