Fashion Stylist
Individual or Team

An individual or team event where FCCLA members will demonstrate their knowledge of fashion merchandising by selecting two coordinating outfits for a customer/model that fits with a budget of a specific situation. Participants must prepare an oral presentation to explain the selection of the outfits.

Knowledge Bowl Competition

A team event for FCCLA members to showcase their knowledge in Family and Consumer Sciences and FCCLA knowledge.

Membership Recruitment
Chapter Event

a chapter event involves displaying a chapter's membership recruitment plan and techniques. Open to any FCCLA chapter.

Pen It. Print It. Present It.

An individual even where FCCLA members will develop, author, and illustrate an original children’s book. Participants must prepare an oral presentation to read their book and explain the message with a current Pre-K through 5 Standard.

Pin Design Competition

an individual event involving an FCCLA member designing a lapel pin depicting Georgia and FCCLA. Top designs will be presented to delegates at the Fall Leadership Conference for voting on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place designs. The selected design may be made into pins that members can use to trade with other states at the National Leadership Conference. Open to any FCCLA member.

Statesman Event

an individual event recognizing members for their knowledge of FCCLA and Georgia FCCLA. Open to any FCCLA member.