Congratulations to Susanna Whidden of the Berrien High School Chapter and her new State Executive Team

Susanna Whidden
FCCLA embodies one of my true passions - family. When you put on the red blazer, not only do you have the opportunity to compete, travel, and make new friends, you have the opportunity to find your family and find your home.
Susanna Whidden State President Berrien High School
Desirae Cannon
FCCLA has helped me to become the strong leader I am today. This organization changed me from a shy Freshman into a confident Senior. FCCLA truly is the place to be.
Desirae Cannon First Vice President Toombs County High School
Lauren Trombino
FCCLA provides personal growth opportunities for members everyday. FCCLA has helped me find my sparkle and allowed me to shine! I would not be the person I am today without FCCLA.
Lauren Trombino Vice President of Community Service West Forsyth High School
Aspen Mitchell
Georgia FCCLA represents the leadership development virtues I value most. The organization has taught me that leadership is not only a position, but an action.
Aspen Mitchell Vice President of Membership Houston County High School
Halle Barrett
Georgia FCCLA is truly a place of family and love. Everyone is valued as we all learn to be the best person we can be.
Halle Barrett Vice President of Programs Lanier College and Career Academy
Karolyne Gilleland
FCCLA is an organization that makes its members feel like family. When you walk into that camp or conference you know you're home. You know you are valued and that you belong.
Karolyne Gilleland Vice President of Public Relations Trion High School
Alycia Jones
FCCLA is such an amazing organization. I've gained information and confidence that I will forever value. I'm truly grateful to call FCCLA my home away from home.
Alycia Jones State Secretary Heritage High School
Avery Salter
The positive influence of my FCCLA family has changed how I see myself. Some people underestimate middle schoolers because of their age but FCCLA has enabled me to show everyone that being young doesn't prevent you from being a leader.
Avery Salter State Historian Bonaire Middle School
Jessica King
After three years in this organization, I still haven't experienced everything it has to offer. The opportunities that FCCLA provides are personal to every individual and their interests. What I have learned in FCCLA, however, has forever changed my life. From leadership development to lifelong friends, FCCLA will always be my home.
Jessica King Vice President of Leadership Development Effingham County High School
Diana Aguilar
FCCLA has given me a second family. If it wasn't for my awesome advisor's encouragement to compete I would have never met my best friends. Throughout my leadership journey I have learned so much and I owe it to this amazing organization
Diana Aguilar Vice President of Leadership Development Flowery Branch High School