Congratulations to Sarah Forehand of the Berrien High School Chapter and her new State Executive Team

Sarah Forehand
For 75 years FCCLA has given a family, friends, and a home to thousands of members across the country including me! I hope every student has the opportunity to become a part of this organization and see what we have to offer. It's life changing!!
Sarah Forehand State President Berrien High School
David Lee
Georgia FCCLA embraces what I value most in a community: ambition and diligence. This organization teaches me that if you’re not aiming too high, you’re aiming too low.
David Lee First Vice President Peachtree Ridge High School
Alyna Martinez-Codina
By joining Georgia FCCLA, you will have some of the most amazing memories and make great friendships. Give your time to this amazing organization - everything will be worth it in the end!
Alyna Martinez-Codina Vice President of Community Service Babb Middle School
Madeline Hagemann
FCCLA truly is the ultimate leadership experience! Being able to be in a community full of leaders who continuously lift each other up, while not only growing as an individual, but growing as a family is truly amazing. I’m so grateful to be part of this organization!!!
Madeline Hagemann Vice President of Competitive Events Houston County High School
Sabrina Rutledge
FCCLA has given me friends from all across the nation, personal leadership development skills, and an opportunity to help me break out of my shell. It truly is the ‘Ultimate Leadership Experience’!
Sabrina Rutledge Vice President of Membership Rutland High School
Jessica King
FCCLA took me as a timid 9th grade student and helped me become a confident and outspoken leader. Without this organization, I wouldn't have gained confidence, leadership, or networking skills. Everyone has an opportunity to grow and prosper with FCCLA, and I am grateful to be a member, officer, and leader of tomorrow.
Jessica King Vice President of Public Relations Effingham County High School
Joshua Garcia-Barreto
FCCLA has changed my life and it can change yours too. There are so many different opportunities that FCCLA has to offer!
Joshua Garcia-Barreto State Secretary Archer High School
Haylee Truelove
FCCLA is an organization filled with love, laughter, and friendship!
Haylee Truelove State Historian Pelham High School
Brynley Jones
FCCLA is truly the ultimate leadership experience. This organization has provided me with opportunities to make lifelong friendships with leaders across the country, develop my professionalism, and rediscover who I am and who I want to be. If you are thinking about joining -- go for it!
Brynley Jones National Vice President of Public Relations Houston County High School