2022-23 GaFCCLA State Executive Council Team

Congratulations to Ava Trussell of the Veterans High School Chapter and her new State Executive Council Team

Ava Trussell
FCCLA opens the door to so many opportunities, for everyone alike. Whether you start your leadership journey in the 6th grade or as a graduating senior, you are sure to grow and find your place within your new FCCLA family. Being a member for the past 5 years, I have been able to find my family in FCCLA while growing into a servant leader.
Ava Trussell State President Veterans High School
Andy Lu
FCCLA has allowed me to travel to new places and develop essential life skills, as well as create lifelong friends. These past years with FCCLA have been life-changing, and I can truly say that this is The Ultimate Leadership Experience.
Andy Lu First Vice President Houston County High School
Mia Carver
Joining FCCLA in the 9th grade was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am beyond grateful that Georgia FCCLA has given me a place where I can truly by myself, and has blessed me with new friends that I can honestly call family. I know that Georgia FCCLA can do the same thing for all of our members!
Mia Carver Vice President of Community Service Bacon County High School
Bryna McKenzie
FCCLA has shown me that life is an adventure, whether its a winding road or maybe even climbing mountains! FCCLA has broadened my horizons by revealing to me that family is not just those who share your last name, its also those who share your journey.
Bryna McKenzie Vice President of Membership Pelham High School
Isabella Powell
FCCLA provides students with opportunities to travel, compete, make friends, and grow as leaders! FCCLA has helped me become the leader I am today, and I have made so many lasting connections with other chapter members, Region Officers, and State Officers!
Isabella Powell Vice President of Programs Rockdale County High School
Nyziah Cain
FCCLA is an organization that allows students to illustrate everything that makes us unique and special. FCCLA provided me with the confidence I needed to push forward in my leadership journey.
Nyziah Cain Vice President of Public Relations Lincoln County High School
Nicole Fernandez
FCCLA has shown me the endless opportunities that will help me in the future. My adviser and chapter members have made a positive impact in my life which I will forever cherish. The skills and knowledge you'll learn from FCCLA will change your perspective of leadership, community, and overall, your personal growth.
Nicole Fernandez State Secretary Apalachee High School
Cara Hall
FCCLA has given me the chance to make the most of my middle school years. Although I am young, this organization has been an outlet for me to show that I am capable of anything. FCCLA has taught me the beauty of coming out of my comfort zone, and to all of the young leaders out there, don’t be afraid to shine!
Cara Hall State Historian Mossy Creek Middle School