Getting Started

he first step for a new adviser is to establish and affiliate a FCCLA chapter. Follow the New Adviser Handbook and New Chapter Checklist documents on the Adviser webpage on the National FCCLA Website. Make sure that your administration understands the benefits of having an FCCLA chapter and approves you being an adviser of this career and technical student organization.

Once you are ready to affiliate your chapter at your school. Click on the National FCCLA Chapter Portal. Please use the “First Time Chapter Affiliation” button to request and fill out the application for a new chapter in our system. Once you submit your application, the State Adviser/Executive Director will approve the request. After the approval, you will receive login credentials to affiliate your students as FCCLA chapter members.


State & National Affiliation

All chapters must affiliate on the national website. All affiliation payments should be sent directly to the national office.

Membership Dues are $13.00 ($9.00 national and $4.00 state) for members, including advisers. A school must have 12 members to affiliate a chapter at the national level.

Helpful hints and membership recruitment information is available here.

Middle Level Affiliation

Middle Level Affiliation is a unique way to affiliate the ENTIRE middle school and receive full benefits of the national affiliation. This is a great deal if you teach new students every six or nine or even twelve weeks. You can affiliate once and if you have a new student in January that wants to compete then they are already affiliated.

Cost: National dues are $250.00 and State dues are $150.00 (approximately 34 members) for a total of $400.00.