Day at the Capitol

February 10-13, 2020

General Information

Description: Legislators rely heavily on the viewpoints expressed by their local constituents when they make important decisions regarding education issues. By coming to Atlanta and actively participating in a day of visiting the Capitol and meeting with legislators, FCCLA members and advisers can be an effective voice for our organization. A visit to the Georgia Capitol also offers students an opportunity to view first-hand the state government in action and to learn about the judicial and lawmaking processes. Your chapter is encouraged to participate. 


Objective: To promote and inform legislators of the value of Family and Consumer Sciences programs and FCCLA chapters


Dates: FCCLA Week – February 10-13, 2020



  • Monday, February 10th - Regions 8-9
  • Tuesday, February 11th - Regions 1-2
  • Wednesday, February 12th - Regions 3-4
  • Thursday, February 13th - Regions 5-7 (Also FCS Day at the Capitol and CTSO Day at the Capitol)





Event Information:

Location: State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia


Cost: No registration fee to attend


Attendee Information Needed to Register

  •          Number of FCCLA members attending
  •          Number of Chapter Advisers attending
  •          Number of Chaperones attending
  •          Number of confirmed appointments with legislators


Required Forms

  •          Multiple Release Form – completed form from each member (this form will not be turned in to FCCLA, keep copies with you the day of the event)


Registration Deadlines

  •          Registration Deadline: February 4



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