Feagin Mill Middle school and Mossy Creek Middle School FCCLA Chapters are Better Together

January 10, 2024
At Fall Rally from FMMS, Olivia Grant received 1st place in peanut recipe. From MCMS Olvia Swendeman recieved 2nd place in peanut recipe. Their hard work and dedication paid off by placing first and second in this state competition.

Chapter Booth Display and Design-2nd Place FMMS-Shelby Manley, Arav Patel, Dana McIntyre, and Madilyn Taylor.
These FCCLA members designed the booth, collected/purchased items, sought advice and guidance from HCHS SkillsUSA Officers. At the end of September, these students worked together as a team to put up the booth display, adding several informative details which brought their vision to reality. Collaboration was used to make sure all aspects of the rubric were met with the maximum number of points possible. These FCCLA members are already working on the design for next year!
Georgia Organics Pepper Palooza- 1st Place, MCMS FCCLA Chapter, and 2nd Place FMMS FCCLA Chapter.
Starting in August both schools FCCLA members and FACS students participated in a plethora of activities with peppers as the focus. A variety of peppers were grown, many recipes were made with peppers, research projects and oral presentations on peppers were shared. Also, our very own Superintendent, Dr. Mark Scott, and the Houston County School Board joined in on the fun. We all had a ‘pep-pepperytime’
Themed Speech Competition - 1st Place- MCMS, Drisana Biswas, and 3rd Place-FMMS, Morgan Davis.

These students had to write a speech on the FCCLA national theme-The Ultimate Journey, what FCCLA means to them, and how FCCLA is impacting their life. Each girl presented their speech in front of a live audience at the Georgia National Fair. After many hours of writing the speeches and practicing several times in front of peers at school and family members; Morgan and Drisana were very pleased with their results. Brochure Design- 1st Place MCMS, Chandlar Curry & Ayla Wood- category, Male Recruitment, and 4th Place FMMS, Charlie Freeman - category, Foundation Sponsor Recruitment

These FCCLA members certainly exhibited their due diligence in researching information about Recruitment, respectively in each category. After gathering data, collecting photos, and creating a digital design, students put all these components together to produce an award-winning brochure.
Chili Cook-Off Competition - 2nd Place MCMS, Madison Johnson
Madsion spent several weeks on creating her own recipe for this competition.
She was judged on safety, sanitation, attire and final product taste. The judges observed this competition as the product was being prepared on site at the Georgia National Fair.

These two chapters have worked together with several different competitions while encouraging each other along the way. Chapter members and Advisors were grateful and pleased with all the accomplishments. It’s satisfying to see the students work hard and the rewards of their hard work. Feagin Mills FCCLA Advisor is Lisa Duke and Mossy Creeks FCCLA Advisor is Sherry Sheppard.