Culinary Arts Region and State STAR Event

January 10, 2020

Region 1 - North Cobb High School, January 21

Regions 2 & 3 - Lanier College and Career Academy, January 27th

Region 4 - Carroll County College and Career Academy South Campus, January 23rd

Region 5 - Arabia Mountain High School, January 24th

Region 6 - Newton College and Career Academy, February 10th

Region 7 - Hutchings College and Career Academy, February 4

Region 8 - Lowndes High School, February 5th

Region 9 - Liberty College and Career Academy, February 6th

Event Information:

All schools participating in Region Culinary Arts STAR Events competitions must register no later than January 10, 2020 at midnight.  


Culinary Arts STAR Events rubrics are available in the 2019-2020 National FCCLA Competitive Events Guide in your FCCLA Portal. 

One recipe will be chosen for the Region Culinary Arts STAR Event, and one will be chosen for the State Culinary Arts STAR Event (menus are below).


New this year: Teams advancing to state competition will pay a $75.00 ingredient fee.


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